Provide appropriate artwork


Please provide artwork which created in an illustration program like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand or Corel Draw and the file can be properly color-separated and printed at the proper resolution. Attach your artwork file and e-mail to Make sure you include an explanation of what you want.
1) You want printing or embroidery of the artwork
2) The final dimension and location of the artwork appears on the apparel. If you do not have idea, we can send you drawing for confirmation.
3) Clearly indicate what color(s) you want. Especially in case more than one color on the same decoration.


The following format are not suitable for proper printing

**We cannot use artworks created in a word processing program like MS Word, or Corel Word perfect. Those artworks have to be re-created.

**We cannot use artworks created in presentation software like Power point. Those artworks have to be re-created.

**WE CANNOT USE LOGOS AND ARTWORK COPIED FROM WEBSITES. The resolution is very low and cannot be enlarged.

**Please call us if you have any questions about file formats and whether they can be used.

**You may supply PRINTED GARMENTS as a sample, but keep in mind the artwork will have to be completely re-created resulting in additional art charges.

**Maximum SCREEN PRINT dimensions are width 35cm x height 30cm

**Maximum EMBROIDERY dimensions are width 38cm x height 23cm. The letters better to have 1cm height for clear appearance.


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